Motocross & Brocade Inspires Jean-Paul Lespagnard For Fall

Interesting cuts + brocade translated Belgian designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard‘s inspiration of a woman obsessed with motocross who gets dressed to join her lover as he returns from fishing, for the RTW Fall 2013 collection.  Now one might question how this inspiration could be made into a collection but in Lespagnard’s case, it came easy.  The romanticism of the love story came through the more delicate looks including the pairing of a white blouse with draped trousers that tied at the waist + ornate knits paired with matching scarf.  The motocross aspect was slightly apparent through scarf covered mouths, while a motocross suit made of black + gold brocade, incorporated both.




(photos:  Dominique Maitre)

(via WWD)

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