My Outfit Can Repel Malaria, What About Yours?

Above are looks from the ’njehringe’  Spring 2012 collection by Cornell University fashion design student Matilda Ceesay(featured above) using textiles with insect-repellent to help prevent malaria infection.  Providing three times the benefits of insecticide and remaining effective for much longer, these designs can surely help with the fight against malaria, especially with this jacket below.

With the help from fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza and student Laurie Lange, classmate Frederick Ochanda helped in developing this special fabric.  Each look represents a modern silhouette paying homage to the students’s West African roots (Ceesay and Ochanda) they are then juxtaposed with something retro in a ‘Bladerunner’ sort of way similar to the looks below.

It’s a shame more designers don’t use such textiles now as it’s bug season already and I’m like sugar to them all.

(photos + via designboom)

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