Now Pharell Has A Great Kaws To Share His New Girl

imageThat’s if you like to smell good?

To say Pharell Willliams has bad taste is inconceivable, so when I read about his collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS to create a scent, I wasn’t surprised.  Pharell is living proof how style isn’t learned but how it all has to do with impulse + instinct.  Ironically, the scent is called ‘GIRL’ like his recent album released earlier this year, but as Pharell told WWD,’There should be no lines — I learned that from Comme des Garçons.  Hence, Girl — for girls + boys. We just found another way to say unisex.’  

But not everyone can say they were asked by COMME designer Rei Kawakubo herself on what they were interested in doing next?  Williams was like, ‘Wow! Rei Kawakubo is saying to me: ‘What are you going to do?’ And I was sitting in their fragrance room, + she said, ‘You want to do a fragrance?’ + I was like ‘Sure!’ And the next thing I knew, we were off to the races!”


Just look at him, in an outfit showcasing both his + other artists’ design + creation.  His jewelry, including the knotted pearls, is all remade Chanel jewelry-he had the costume jewelry recast in precious materials, making it real, not faux. ‘I love Chanel,’ he said (who doesn’t?!), pointing to a brightly colored Chanel belt that he’s customized to suit himself. 

His ‘DIY’ adidas Stan Smith sneakers bear drawings created by him, artist Takashi Murakami + Japanese producer + co-conspirator of Billionaire Boys Club + Ice Cream labels, Nigo.  His jeans are from the Boys Club while the black carbon fiber hat is a collabo with adidas minus the resins + his floral patterned jacket is by Japanese label Sacai.

House + Holme designed the bottle, logo + packaging featuring bold, cartoonish artwork by the artist Kaws, a (surprise, surprise!) friend of Williams.  The larger bottle will retail for $135, while a travel size version will cost $30.

Sadly, it launches first at Dover Street Market London on Sept. 1, then it’s our turn in the States on Sept. 5.  It will be sold at all Dover Street Markets — in Tokyo, London + New York — + at Sephora, via an exclusive partnership, in the U.S., Canada + France.

(via WWD)

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