Oscar 2013 Fashion Hits & Misses

Like most, I was somewhat glued to my tv watching last night’s 2013 Oscars, caring more about whom wore what and why and just a bit about whom won what.  Unlike past years, this year had more misses than I care to waste time on as you simply have to ask yourself, ‘Did they themselves NOT look in a mirror before leaving?’, but for the sake of argument I’ll mention a few.  A for instance was Jacki Weaver (L) + Naomie Harris (R).  As much as I like these ladies + think they’re great at their craft, Jacki’s dress, by lesser known Lebanese designer Rani Zakhem, did her a huge injustice.  Although the top embellishment was pretty, the cumberbund across her bodice, strangely ended between her boobs + underarms in a stiff peak.  Sadder even was how the dress seemed to have had an empire waist which chopped her body into weird proportions – the only curves here started at her knees, where her fishtail began.  Naomie Harris, although beautiful, chose the wrong dress + in the wrong color, by Ghanaian designer Michael Badger – maybe it just doesn’t photograph well.  When I saw Naomie come onto the red carpet, I shook my head at another attempt at the thigh high slit which Angelina Jolie did already + best, but I think in this case, it has more to do with how the slit just stays there permanently, in an ugly way.


(photos: Jason Merritt)

Another problem that is always a gamble at awards shows is attractive fashions for plus-size women.  Granted, lately it doesn’t seem to be the case but unfortunately, one of my favorite comics failed gravely in my eyes + I blame the designer.  The dress on Melissa McCarthy(L) by David Meister, although beautiful, it should’ve been altered a bit more rather than cinching here + there + hiding it all with embellishments.  And her hair, come on – she looks so much older than she is!  Octavia Spencer (R), in a Tadashi Shoji gown, never fails in getting it right but she played it safe – she needs to change her silhouette up a bit.


(photos: Jason Merritt (L), Kevin Mazur (R)

As for the hits, there were several.  Naomi Watts killed it in her Armani Privé metallic number that for some, might be considered a risk (with a sleeve on one side + sweetheart strapless on the other) but not so by many.  Jennifer Hudson looked like a dark blue snake in gunmetal-dark blue shine while Adele’s performance look, included a Burberry dress + silver glitter (Christian) Louboutins, that just highlighted such a beautiful + ultra talented woman.  Speaking of which, Halle Berry in a metallic art-decoish Versace gown looked flawless.


(photos: Jason Merritt (L), John Shearer (R)

But my top looks were worn by Anne Hathaway + Charlize Theron.  Anne Hathaway’s red carpet look, in a pastel blush Prada dress with back embellishment, just made her look like a dream.  Then, when I saw her come on the stage with her custom Giorgio Armani gown in sheer silk mesh with all that sparkle, I gagged – anything that shines like that, is a keeper for me.  Yet, I believe, had Anne been wearing different hair, she wouldn’t have made such an impact on + off the red carpet.


Whereas Charlize Theron, was perfection in stark white Dior couture.


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