Presenting Natalia Grzybowski’s ‘Hybrid Printed’ S/S12 Collection

Using minimalist and modern silhouettes with extreme floral textile designs, Sydney based fashion and textile designer Natalia Grzybowski brings us this S/S12 conceptual collection called ‘HYBRID PRINTED’ combining elements of nature and technology through botanicals engineered to perfectly embrace the female form.  By approaching the female body as a hybrid – part female, part flower – Natalia’s strategic textile designs envelope the wearer’s body with dramatic effect while eliminating any textile wastage.  The end result is simply stunning.

True, Mary Katrantzou is the master of reflective patterns and as a pattern whore myself, I simply heart her but Natalia’s approach has subtleties that set her apart.  Take this dress for instance.  Although the designer concentrates her botanical design with the floral center on the dress front, in the back, there are simple petals.   Both designs on both sides then feather towards the waistline somewhat mimicking the soft, sheer skirt of the dress.

Love the bold colors on the front of these shorts and jacket peplum, with a toned down back as the design makes it’s way down to the shorts, displaying wisps of color and detail.

This design strategically places leaves over the wearer’s breasts which I’m assuming is to grant the sheer top some modesty.  Love how the back of the top looks like the model is wearing a kimono.

This is by far my favorite look – the front floral design reminds me of a vintage scientific illustration.  Love how the back’s shape looks like a cape with the sides of the gown coming straight down from the back of the upper arms spilling out into a long train.

(via hype means everything)

(photos: Natalia Grybowski)

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