‘See. Imagine. Play. Create. Go Forward,’ With Ionut Radulescu


Romanian designer + illustrator Ionut Radulescu’s personal motto of ‘See.  Imagine.  Play.  Create.  Go forward.’, speaks volumes on how he knows how to have fun + tap into his smallest creative cell, to produce great work.  Radulescu uses mixed media which for him, is a mix of scanned textures, watercolors + photography, with tremendous success.


Work with a retro feel but contemporary relevance, makes Radulescu’s POV very distinct + unique.  I particularly like his use of lettering which the designer finds to be as strong as illustration as a form of visual communication.  I must admit though, upon first glance, designer Quentin Jones’ lettering style came to mind.


Naming everything as influences including daily blogs, people on the streets, music + challenging moments in life, comes through his work through popular cultural references.  It’s no wonder Radulescu counts iconic fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez as one of the master illustrators, with his ability to refer to the female form, either in parts – lips + legs – or as a whole.image


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