Selfridges Celebrates London’s Toy Shop Launch With Barbie’s Help, Wearing Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar & Sister by Sibling

Had my Barbie looked this cool, I never would’ve tried melting her face just to see if she could look sad.


To celebrate the launch of Selfridges London’s Toy Shop this week, five one-off Barbies, dressed by Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar & Sister by Sibling were created to be sold as exclusive collectables.  Dressed like this, I think this Barbie can be viewed as sculpture rather than a mere doll.

For Nasir Mazhar (above), his London men’s collection was recreated for Barbie, which included some looks adorned with his classic waistband logo.  “I never realised how intricate it would be to recreate my collection in miniature for Barbie,” Mazhar admitted.

Fred Butler, in typical fashion, resorted to geometrics, punches of color + iridescence (below). Yet, for her it was not hard at all, as growing up, Barbie was Butler’s fit model.  Butler said, “I basically spent the majority of my childhood playtime making outfits for my Barbie.” image

Sister by Sibling, decided to cozy up to Barbie in funky knits, full of texture + patterns. image

(via ASVOF)

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