Since When Was I Supposed To Like Pink So Damn Much?

Before I go on my rant against pink, I would like to apologize for not writing in such a while.  To be perfectly honest, I was restricted to bed rest by my doc.  Apparently, you have to be careful who’s fashion choices you criticize when out after throwing back a few too many cocktails.  Basically, I was at some bar full of a mixed bag of folks – you had your fashionistas, artists and musicians with a dash of typical chicks in body con frocks wearing sky-high heels they still can’t walk in, when there it was.  ’My eyes, my eyes,’ is all my mind was saying to me as this poor soul came into the place dressed in all kinds of wrong.  But I’m a true believer of turning a negative into a positive.  I smilingly go up to her and say, ‘I admire your courage’, to which she replied ‘For What’?  And then, wait for it, I replied, ‘To leave the house wearing that!’  The rest was downhill after that which brings me to my gripe against pink.

For 3days now, I’ve been searching for running sneakers that are not only functional but also cool.  So for me, when sneaker shopping, albeit for running or just chillaxing, I always, always, always go to the men’s section first because all men’s sneakers have the best colorways.  When I turn to the women’s section, if you want to channel Barbie, you’re set as every sneaker that is thought to be colorful has at least one variation of the color pink.

Now, living in a DIY kinda world these days, you’re probably thinking, why not just design your own sneakers including Nikes on  But the trouble with that is you’re shopping for a running shoe and that requires trying on the sneaker for a guaranteed right fit.  Yeah, I know Nike and adidas make running sneakers, but they’re too light in my opinion, for long distance running (Saucony, Mizuno, New Balance + Asics best for running) – not that I’m training for a marathon or nothing, more like 2-3miles a few days a week with the occasional 7mile run – but form and function need to be one.

Take these Men’s Mizuno Wave Creation 13 – great color way right – they look like a force to reckoned with.

(photo: Zappos)

Now these women’s Mizuno sneakers in pink don’t look so tough especially with the wretched baby blue + baby pink combo.

(photo: Amazon)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love pink but when it comes to my running kicks, that’s where I must draw the line.  Hopefully sneaker designers will offer women the same selection in colorways for ALL sneakers including running, that are apparently, strictly reserved for men.

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