Soft Skin Guaranteed, Just In Time For Memorial Day Weekend

If all of your winter + spring body moisturizing still has your skin looking ashy, don’t fret – there IS a miracle out there that guarantees results after one use – make that two miracles.  And to whom will you owe a big thank you to? Believe it or not, none other than the absolutely decadent + yummy LUSH.

Lush, the fresh handmade natural cosmetics company, has what they call ‘Body Butters‘ in their arsenal, which, had I not used them myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.  Think of them as solid moisturizing lotion.  Promising smoother, softer + more supple skin, of the five Body Butters available, the two I’m recommending, using + love are ‘Buffy’ + ‘King of Skin’.  ‘Buffy‘ (below), does double duty as it has a graininess to it – made of ground rice, almonds + beans – for exfoliation while it lessens the appearance of cellulite – I have yet to prove  that to be true but I have to believe, as being dimply isn’t cute.  Yet, it’s no secret of what this block can do, as ‘Buffy’ is described as an exfoliating + moisturizing bar for slaying backsides (love that).


The other ‘Body Butter’ I adore is ‘King of Skin’.  Made of whipped mashed bananas + avocados along with the skin soothing base of oat milk + lavender, this ‘King’ will have you consider the act of simply smelling your skin as a new past time.


But don’t think you can clean yourself with them + go.  You first need to clean yourself with your favorite shower gel or soap + then, you can use one of the body butters above.  Like magic, after one quick swipe on your body, you’ll see + notice the difference.  For ‘Buffy’, I just use it as is but for ‘King of Skin’, I tear pieces off rather than using the whole bar, to lengthen it’s use.

So, go ahead – run, lather + sigh, your skin is now truly ready for public view this holiday weekend.

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