Unique Beauty + Eccentricities Through The Lens of Adrian Buckmaster

Susanne Bartsch, legendary Queen of NYC nightlife since the 1980’s, refers to Adrian Buckmaster’s series as “almost a visual experience of a parfueriene, each image an essential oil beautiful, evocative, deeply + exquisitely self-defined, an experience you drink in long + slow “, which perfectly describes your first experience when setting your eyes on the […]

Bubble Wrap Paintings Imitate Impressisonism With Just A Pop

Who knew that bubble wrap, which can amuse for hours but also torment some four-legged friends, could also be a great medium for painting?  Lucky for us, artist Bradley Hart shows us below, with his renditions of famous paintings like Mona Lisa.   Yet, Hart doesn’t paint on top of the bubble wrap, as one […]

Julian Schnabel: In The Course of Seven Days on Nowness.com It’s always nice to see how the ‘other half’ lives but it’s even more interesting when that ‘other half’ has talent, like artist Julian Schnabel.  Today, NOWNESS gives us a rare peek into the artist’s home studio, with Porfirio Munoz’s documentary ’In The Course of Seven Days’, currently […]