The Nativity Scene Gets Real Minimal With A Few Pieces Of Wood


Through the years, the characters in the Christmas story or nativity scene, have had their share of makeovers + or ‘makeunders’ including various iterations by Lego, Precious Moments + even Fisher Price.  Yet, London designer Emilie Voirin has broken it down to the bare minimum.  


Voirnin’s contemporary nativity set is handcrafted in beech wooden blocks with different proportions, representing various characters including Mary, Joseph, three wise men, an angel, a sheep + a donkey, plus baby Jesus, placed on a slightly lighter block representing a manger, with their names printed in plain black capital letters..  Characters devoid of features + colours for a modern appearance, are meant to appeal to both believers + atheists alike according to Voirnin.


“The holy scene that has been broadly reproduced is here recognizable by the names only, giving free reign to people’s imagination,” the designer told dezeen.  The ‘Minimal Nativity’ set comes tessellated in a square black box + available for purchase at the designer’s website.

(via dezeen)

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