The Perfect Mask For Prom Night


A longtime client of Mario Badescu, when I was given a sample of their ‘Temporary Lifting Mask’ by Irina,  my amazing aesthetician + told to use it for a special occasion, I was in disbelief but tried it anyway.  So one day, with a wedding hours away, after washing the pink mask off my face, I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin looked.  I looked refreshed + had a slight ‘glow’, which lasted throughout the day into night.  

An instant pore minimizer, it immediately tightens, cleans + refines skin. But as ideal as it is as a quick boost for a special event,  it can be used regularly to tame skin with enlarged pores + congestion.  But best of all, is how great it smells, like most of Mario Badescu’s products.

You can purchase this mask at Mario Badescu.

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