Tricking Your Eyes Will Surely Cool Your Summer Feet


Especially When Wearing Brogues Like These.

With espadrilles being extra popular (not that they ever lost their appeal), B Sided and The String Republic have taken more of a dadaist approach to that style of shoe.  By using a tromp l’oeil effect,

(tricking the eye) for those of you unlikely to surrender your favorite brogues or creepers –  very heavy and quite claustrophobic for your feet in this nasty summer heat – you can try swapping them for either of the styles above.  At a glance, they do look like the real thing until closer observation reveals, voilà, their espadrille stitched bottom.

What about kicks though?  Sure there are plenty of styles to choose from that through the wonders of technology, manage to be light as a feather, complete with breathable fabric but nothing quite like these – sure attention grabbers.  

You can opt to go the classic route, with this replica of the adidas Stan Smith 

or you can take a more colorful route with these other faux kicks.

Either way, you’ll fool all onlookers, be comfortable AND look cute!

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