Valentino’s Fall Ballerinas


There’s nothing like nude tulle to get me in the right mood, especially when handled so beautifully by Valentino. For its RTW Fall collection, creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri + Pierpaolo Piccioli, dispelled the notion of how fashion is just about the clothes, but rather, emphasizing the ‘something’ much greater, where the clothes happen to play a role in. This Valentino show however, was about ballet, or more specifically, the modern dance movement + its “happenings,” according to VOGUE RUNWAY.


With the likes of Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham + The Russian Ballet, serving as inspiration, some of the looks looked like they came straight off the stage if not the dance studio, whereas some of the models, looked like delicate pieces of vellum just blowing in the wind, complete with crystal embroidered decadence, scattered all over nude tulle.

Turtlenecks, always a classic, received special treatment. One look, had a cashmere turtleneck, that looked like it was attached to a dress made of metallic fringe. Other times, you see nude turtlenecks in jersey, underneath spaghetti strap midi dresses, in bright colors, like the golden dress below. But there were also many grey ribbed turtlenecks + black turtlenecks underneath beautifully embellished dresses, particularly the one below, that looks like studded white plastic.

Outerwear had a broad range of textures + silhouettes, including a patent leather long coat , a pastel colored fur patchwork jacket + an oversized blazer, paired with a metallic pleated maxi skirt that is still a trend going strong into this season.


“We always think fashion is cultural, not just about delivering clothes,” said Chiuri to VOGUE RUNWAY. “We want this show to be about living your moments, feeling each moment uniquely. I really love fashion. This job we do is a good opportunity to describe the time we’re in,” + who couldn’t be so grateful for such talents to create such wearable fantasy?


(photos: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital)





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