Veronique Branquinho Time Travels For Spring

(photos: Giovanni Giannini)

I could see how Veronique Branquinoh’s spring collection channeled the Swinging Sixties of London, envisioning these chicks walking down High Street with their amazing bobs just bouncing with every step.  But with all similarities aside, Branquinoh’s take was less than contemporary + fresh with modern silhouettes + fabrics.  There was the requisite short dress along with shorts with a longer jacket.  Some of the fabrics like sheer Lurex, had a beautiful iridescence (rows 1 + 3, look 1 + row 1, look 3 ) to them while others looked like rubber + dead ringers for looks in the flick ‘Bladerunner’ (row 3, look 2).  The Seventies also slithered into the mix with shiny + tight looks, while different iterations of the tuxedo shirt as such + a very short dress completed the collection brilliantly.

(via WWD)

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