WAKE UP! With Carnet de Voyage’s ‘Mello Disko’ Video

This morning, be prepared to be both moved + disoriented, by experimental music duo Carnet de Voyage‘s ‘Mello Disko’ video.  Made up of friends Mimi Xu (aka DJ Misty Rabbit) + classically trained pianist Rosey Chan (below), 


(photo: Mike Figgis)

the song starts off with a piano solo accompanied by a tickle of an electric track, at a very low volume, that eventually gets louder.  The piano gets swallowed by the growing electric sounds, sparking the interesting elements of the video.  Directed by Mike Figgis, the video shows reflections of moving people, creating a kaleidoscope effect, that later serves as the back drop to the 3D scan of the artists by Universal Assembly Unit.


(via i-D)

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