Warning: The Following Crazy Cuts Might Incite Mass Indecision On Where To Buzz Off Your Hair First

(photo: Fumi Nagasaka)

Courtesy of Dazed Digital

What a way to visually convey an 80s punk hair story on girls with attitude and all thanks to Dazed & Confused executive fashion editor Cathy Edwards with hairstylist Peter Gray (and his team).

(photo: Fumi Nagasaka)

Through the magic of a casting call and the keen eye of Dazed Digital, Edwards simply drew inspiration from old punk hairdressing postcards found at a car boot sale about 10 years ago. Edwards added, ‘I’ve had them on my wall for all that time and finally decided to show them to a hairdresser and use them as a starting point to create some very extreme ‘hair art’.’  In my eyes, this ‘hair art’ is high art at it’s best taking such a versatile canvas and creating hair geometry with a complimentary color palette that not only conveys attitude but unapologetic beauty.  

But Peter Gray’s expertise along with his team deserves all the accolades for creating such beauty other than the overdone look of one side shaved and other not, unless you’re Michelle Harper, whom in my eyes, could do no wrong.

(photo: Fumi Nagasaka)


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