Wear Gold For NYE To Turn Mercury In Retrograde Around


With NYE around the corner, what better way to party into 2017 than wearing gold?! Sure, metallics have always been an obvious ‘go-to’ for welcoming the new year but then there’s that Mercury in retrograde bad luck biz we all need to consider too. Since Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth + travel, when the planet goes retrograde or backward, all those things follow in the same direction.

Gold, often associated with the sun, a symbol of happiness, success, attainment, prosperity + true friends, are all worthy opponents to deflect this supposed unforeseen bad luck. But don’t feel pressured to be shining like an Oscar statue either, as you can do it in doses.

For dramatic effect, why not wear stunning gold makeup by PAT MCGRATH LABS?

Alexis Jae in Metalmorphosis 005 by PAT MCGRATH LABS

Pat McGrath’s Metalmorphosis 005 Kit, also available at Sephora, is a four-piece set complete with a silky cream pigment, a metallic pigment, a mixing liquid to liquefy pigment, a black dual-ended eyeliner + gold sequins, of course, perfect for making your eyes more inviting to stare into when the ball drops!


Or, you can wear this button down shirt from Zara, to look like you’re wearing a sheet of melted gold



if not, this short H&M dress, covered in twinkling gold sequins.


For low-key alternatives, try carrying your party essentials in Topshop‘s OZ Small Plush Crossbody Bag with all-over gold tassel detail + a long gold chain strap


or maybe use these gold hairpins by H&M


to replicate one of these cool hairstyles below.


Regardless of whether or not you choose to wear gold, I’m sure you’ll still slay as always! Then again, who can resist more sparkle?!

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