What Can Possibly Help You Keep Your Resolution Of Preparing Your Bod For Summer?


(photo: MostFit)

The Portable, Light + Easy To Use MostFit Suspension Strap, That’s What

Hitting the gym / exercising in general, is usually one of the top ten resolutions for the new year.  Unfortunately, not everyone can succeed without a gym membership or having to endure understanding weird contraptions at home which claim to be easy + quick.  As hard as it is to even imagine exercising with NYE right around the corner and it being super cold out (I’m in NYC), no matter what, you should seriously consider trying now or bear the heavy burden of starting too late in the game.  

As one whom takes her fitness seriously, making it to the gym when it’s this cold is not cute so the next best thing is exercising at home.  I’ve tried a variety of fitness DVDs including P90X, Insanity and Jillian Michaels which require either light weights, lots of reps, high energy cardio + using my own body weight for resistance. But let’s face it, repetition leads to boredom then calorie gain.  Enter the MostFit Suspension Strap.

When I was approached about this product, I was a bit suspect thinking it was just another band on the market but when I received my very own MostFit after seeing their video and trying it out for myself, I was in shock at how effective it is.  Living in an old NYC apartment, my doorways sadly can’t handle a pull-up bar.  Luckily my apartment welcomed MostFit with open arms.  Created by LA fitness experts Andrew Gavigan + Erin Fukuda as a solution to ‘grab + go’ fitness, this lightweight + compact conveniently anchors to doors or can even be wrapped around a branch so you can workout at the park, hotel, office or wherever you are.  The best part, it’s only $29.99.

Now before I continue, I want you to know that I was not financially compensated for publicizing this product but am doing so as we all need support when trying to reach a fitness goal.  How cool wouldn’t it be to work on strengthening major muscle groups, improve your balance + core strength, build lean muscle + tone while watching the highly anticipated new season of GIRLS, a few weeks away – which won’t be too far from creator Lena Dunham’s M.O. after celebrating this year’s birthday at Soul Cycle


(photo: HBO)

Or watching the third season of ‘Downton Abbey’ with newest cast member, Shirley Maclaine.


(photo: PBS)

So take it from me + consider easing your way to a better you for the new year even if it’s just toning your arm for faster tweeting or downing champagne, martinis, shots or scotch, toning your legs to make your Louboutins that much more enviable or help perk up your ass that much more, under a vintage Azzedine Alaïa bandage dress.

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