Would You Ever Think A Man With Googly Eyes Would Look This Good?


Aren’t these looks simply amazing?  For the ‘Power Man’ editorial inside KALTBLUT magazine, shot by Ciaran Christopher, featuring the gorgeous model Ramario, full of color, texture, pattern + volume play, twin designers Nadia + Zehra have created a final collections containing very distinctive pieces that both compliment + contrasted each others collections. They told KALTBLUT magazine, ‘Both collections share a lot of similarities, yet are both unique. Drawing inspiration from our heritage, Nadia using Italian costume + Zehra Turkish costumes which brought a personal aspect to our collections. As twins we have similar styles but are able to draw on our differences to bring something that is completely unique that sets us apart. We believe we were brought into the world to make a difference. Nadia + Zehra is not just another fashion label, it is a lifestyle brand with a new twist,’ + I couldn’t agree more.  But just remember, TWINS to them means  ’Together We Innovate New Shit’!


I especially love how the collection is unisex + who doesn’t love a man in a dress – there’s something so sexy about it.  There’s a lot of weaving going on as in the collars above, along the side panels of the dress below + as panels of the silver moto jacket in last pic, which gives the overall look an interesting pause.  In using such a precise + geometric pattern, where everything is exact + missing it with patterns that are quite the opposite, incorporating a series of colors, creating a dramatic effect.

What about that sweater above?  I’d be jealous too, it’s so damn sick!



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