Would You Wear Jewelry Made Out Of Skin?

Well, Out Of Silicone Material Made To Look Like Skin That Is?

In a way, this concept isn’t so far out there with Lady Gaga donning her ‘meat dress’ or even items made out of human hair.  Yet, it’s the idea behind this jewelry collection that sets it apart from the aforementioned.  Entitled ‘Skin Secret’ by Taiwanese designer and recent graduate I-Ting Ho, she created imperfect, blemished skin to prompt feelings of fascination as well as disgust in the viewer.  I guess she wanted to incite the same feelings we have when watching a ‘train wreck’ – although horrific + discomforting, we just can’t stop looking.

Fascinated with skin, one of the human body’s largest organs, as a protector and full of many layers and different textures, the artist was attracted to blemished skin brought on by different skin problems including keloid, vitiligo and allergy.  But it was the designer’s own allergy afflicted skin that sparked this thought in her mind – ‘to change the role of skin, recompose its definition, and challenge people’s thinking’.

The collection is made from silicone rubber cast in a mold to look like dimpled skin before it’s sewn together or attached to metal parts, forming each piece.  The reason for the juxtaposition of  skin texture with metal structure, the designer explains is ‘in order to create a conflicting image – hard and soft.’  The collection includes fleshy earrings, necklaces, nipple brooches and sanitary napkins as seen above.

In pic.1 – there are two necklaces, one on a long chain (L) + the other, with a handheld mirror-like pendant in size, that the wearer can use as a mask (R); earrings dangling from black needles; and then there’s that nipples brooch.  In pic.2, the glasses act as a blindfold and in pic.3, there’s the sanitary napkin which maybe worn as a cuff?

Jewelry as a whole is meant to adorn and add beauty to the wearer, but when it comes to this jewelry collection, although it stems from an interesting concept, I don’t believe it does either but rather cause a sense of pause followed by repulsion.  I-Ting Ho on her jewelry collection says that ‘it is not like ordinary jewellery that is shiny or attractive, but will encourage people to think differently’, and that it will.

(via dezeen)

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