YOOX Presents YOOXYGEN For Earth Day

Founded on Earth Day 2009, YOOXYGEN presents exclusive, limited-edition capsule collections aiming to sensitize + spread environmental awareness.  Comprised of collaborations with international brands + designers, there’s sure to be something here for all.

You have pieces curated by Livia Firth as seen below.  Some of the pieces are even designed by Livia herself.image

There’s interesting denim +  madras pieces by IOU Project.


A tee shirt collab by Generation Pacifique + Le Dicteur, featuring an illustration of artist Maurizio Cattelan’s brilliant Guggenheim retrospective in 2011.


Then there’s the SS/13 collection for the project called estethica, between YOOXYGEN + British Fashion Council, whom support eco-conscious designs.  This year’s collaborators include designer Diana Auria Harris swimwear with Margot Bowman’s illustrations (remind me a bit of Mara Hoffman, don’t you think?), Mich Dulce‘s hat creations, Liora Lassalle interesting jeans + Carla Fernandez‘s designs.




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