For #ThrowbackThursday with a twist, here’s ‘Say My Name’ featuring Kelela for Bad Day Magazine.  In it, that old Destiny’s Child hit of the same name, serves as the soundtrack sung by Kelela herself, as some famous people try pronouncing her name.  The famous people starring are Kelela, Glenn O’Brien, Emilie Hawtin, Elizabeth Trieu, Joshua Winstead (Metric), Marianna Reis, Harry McNally (Model), Virginia Wallace, Jason Nocito, (World famous photographer), LA Hall Annie Hart (Au Revoir Simone), Pizza the dog, Jaleel Marcus (TV On the Radio), Agnes Thor (photographer), Thor Shannon, Iris Taborsky, Brendan Fernandes (Artist), and Tibi Tibi Neuspiel (Artist)

Filmmaker Eva Michon explains to purple magazine how the idea behind the video came about, saying, ‘The concept of this video was seeing Kelela live in LA, + watching her politely yet assertively tell the audience how her name is really pronounced.  We discussed ways of translating this idea visually into a video, and went from there.’  

Dedicated to everyone with an unusual name, this video really hits home with my last name being de las Nueces.  Sounds beautiful right?  Well, the translation kind of kills the romance dead quick, as it stands for ‘of the Walnuts’ in Spanish, then again, I’m a little nuts.  But never was it so apparently hard to pronounce than the time I went to a Westpoint (Don’t Ask!) commencement ceremony.  Apparently, after the ceremony, before entering the hall, where the rest of the rest of the evening went down, as an introduction, each cadet had to give his name + his date’s to a higher ranking officer that would then pass it along to the next higher up.  Now, there were about five higher ups, I think,  + my last name went from ‘de las Nooses’, to ‘de las Noches’ (Spanish for ‘of the nights’) to ‘de las Nueves’ (Spanish for ‘of the nines’), to finally, + my all-time favorite, ‘de las Horses’.  



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