I love, love, love Iggy Azalea‘s voice + phrasing + Ariana Grande‘s voice is tremendous, + in music video for ‘Problem’ above, a duo like this couldn’t have been so perfect.  Sadly, I have problems with Grande’s lack of choreography + styling.  

For any stylists out there, please, please, pleeze help Grande with her wardrobe – she needs to take more risks, especially with a voice like hers, destined for greatness.  Pairing up with Azalea is a step in the right direction but otherwise, I’m tired of Ariana’s saccharin sexy looks that are too boring + predictable.  Sure she looks like she’s twelve, but hooking-up with the likes of Iggy, you need to bring a little more than just your voice.  I know, I know, we just watched a video, that normally carries a concept, but seriously, there’s really nothing different here other than the half naked boys around her.  Maybe, Grande should just steal from others like RiRi does?!  Technically, it’s not a bad thing, but then again, step it up, put your own spin on it gurl + be original!

Now tell me, where’s the remix?


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