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If you love a little sexy, hot cars + saturated fluorescent lighting, then you’ll definitely wake up to Kylie Minogue’s ‘Sexercise’, an audio-visual experience, co-starring a sickly customized Maserati.  The latest single from her 12th studio album ‘Kiss Me Once’, directed by Roman Coppola, part of Chandelier Creative, he thought to himself how a special car needed to be created for Minogue as an homage to Kenneth Anger’s 1965 short ‘Kustom Kar Kommandos’.  

Of what feeling Kylie was going after, Chandelier Creative Director Richard Christiansen told NOWNESS, ‘We were speaking to Kylie while she was recording the album, + we knew she was inspired by a particular time + aesthetic: late 1970s/early 1980s French Vogue with a bit of an Olivia Newton-John or Jane Fonda aerobics fashion filter,’ which they pulled-off seamlessly.

For the second part, Chandelier commissioned Jean-Paul Gaultier to make an animation with Matt Maitland, asked the artist Reilly to design animated GIFs of Dolce & Gabbana looks, + put together a film with National Geographic spotlighting animal mating rituals. The question they asked each collaborator, who also include illustrator Hattie Stewart and platform VFiles, was this: ‘How do you exercise?’  The answers will be revealed tomorrow but Kylie responded, ‘It is racy but above all fun, + can ‘be’ whatever you want it to be,” she says. ‘If you’re old enough to be a VHS generation kid, you will probably manifest your own workout video in your head after one listen—lycra is optional!’  I would think in this case it should be mandatory.

Album ‘Kiss Me Once‘ is available now.


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