Tavi Gevinson x Minna Gilligan on Nowness.com

Wake up with the visual one on one between ROOKIE‘s Tavi Gevinson + Illustrator Minna Gilligan‘s, for the fifth printed issue of ‘Printed Pages’from the totes amaze online platform, ‘It’s Nice That’.  

In 2010, Tavi herself created ROOKIE, the teen-focused online zine, now with a second issue of it’s printed edition, with a reach of over four-million readers per week.  Part of ROOKIE’s global network of contributors, Gilligan’s colorful patterned backdrops set the stage for an interesting conversation about the web + real-life for NOWNESS.

What’s the one internet habit you have no intention of breaking?
Just, like, tweeting things and then being like “ugh, why? Ugh, I hate myself” and deleting them after.”

Minna:I have a lot of internet habits, most of them bad. My most crazy one is obsessively checking eBay auctions even if I’m not bidding on it or anything. I love a bargain, so if it’s like the last five seconds of an auction I don’t want to miss out on something I don’t need.

You’re editing your fantasy issue of Rookie, Who are your fantasy contributors, dead or alive?
That’s so hard, ok—Beyoncé. Emily Dickinson would be great, Frida Kahlo and Zadie Smith. Madonna if we could go back a bit, before shit went down.

If you were a social media platform, what would you be and what’s trending?
It would be kind of a logistical nightmare to become a social-media platform as a human but I’ll bypass that and say that I’d probably be Instagram. I like the cleanness of it and the ability it gives you to curate this totally perfect rose-tinted dream world.

What do you consider to be the greatest internet invention?
@Seinfeld200 is my favourite Twitter account. It’s my favourite internet invention by far.



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