Petit Fantôme: L on

Wake up + dive in ‘head first’, into the sick video of Petit Fantôme’s ‘L’ track, created by artists Rosanna Webster + Charlie Sheppard.  Considered by Webster as ‘a take on the extreme + feverish phases of love + heartbreak,’ by using dense amounts of copyright-free online material, highlighting some dating how-to videos, with tight editing, Webster + Sheppard were able to visually translate the complex relationship between the two lovers discussed in the track.  The duo also created an interactive video you can view here.  There was no doubt Petit Fantôme chose the right artists for the project telling NOWNESS, ‘Charlie + Rosanna totally matched the sentiment of the song,’  + adding, ‘It tells a love story between two people with complex personalities, + they found the romance, poetry + longing that I was looking for.’



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