Soooo loving Lily Allen’s new video for ‘Air Balloon’, the second single from her forthcoming album.  Directed by That Go, the video, like most, has nothing to do with the song but you have to appreciate the random zebra, cheetah, growing mushrooms, butterflies, surrounding solar panels + hippies just in awe of Lily.  Did I mention the floating crucifix in space at the end?  But who cares, it works + Lily can do no wrong in my book.

And the song is just plain fun, especially the hook – this one is definitely going to be on REpeat on the radio .  And what about her look? – from her denim fringed ponytails, single gold dangling earring, fuchsia lips, her colorful bracelets including one with yellow feathers, her nails, her yellow + white cocktail glass shaped purse, her sparkly white top over a neon bra, denim cutoffs + gold platform wedge sandals, complete with gold paillettes – love, love, love! 


(via pitchfork)

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