The Square Circle

Sit back + enjoy filmmaker Chelsea Moynehen’s directorial debut of documentary short, ‘The Square Circle’, which follows the boxing lives of trainer father Pete Brodsky + fighter brother Jake.  Filmed at the Trinity Boxing Club in Lower Manhattan, as well as the Westbury Club that her father founded in 1979 in the family’s home of Long Island, you hear first-hand accounts on what boxing has done for + means to these men, with composer Chris Zabriskie’s ‘Prelude No. 7’ soundtrack, setting the tone.

Boxing has always been known to get kids off the streets, teach them discipline + at times, give them purpose, which Brodsky experienced with a lot of his fighters.  Bronx-born Brodsky, recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from New York’s prestigious veteran boxing club, Ring 8, he has also trained a lot of champions.  You also get to see the delicious sometime model Gerard “Bones” Lombardo + tough-guy dentist, Vincent Savino, still training everyday at 78.

I heart the fact that Moynehen chose to film this short in black + white, lending itself to more authenticity, substance + spirit of the sport of boxing.


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