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Don’t you love animation that not only entertains but educates too?  Well, that’s exactly what Christian Borstlap set out to do with this little number above entitled ‘A Dictionary Of Portmanteaux’.  By definition, a portmanteau is basically a word that’s comprised of the union of two words like the recent phenomena that is the cronut – ‘croissant + doughnut’ – one of the stars in this work.  Ironically, the word portmanteau is one itself.  

French in origin, by combining porter, to carry, + manteau, cloak, it means a suitcase with two compartments but thanks to Alice In Wonderland’s (AIW) creator, Lewis Carroll, the word was adopted in a textual sense to mean what we commonly use it as today.  In AIW in fact, Carroll introduces other portmanteaux he invented like ‘galumph’ (‘gallop’ + ‘triumph) + ‘chortle’ (‘chuckle’ + ‘snort’).  And wouldn’t you know it, ‘twerking’, Miley Cyrus’ favorite pastime, also makes an appearance above. 

I wonder who invented the misfortunate ‘cankle’, a combo of calf + ankle?



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