Adventures in Beauty Wonderland on Imagine a world of made-up third-eyes + chirping lipstick butterflies, creating an underworld of kaleidoscopic cosmetics.  Sounds crazy right?  Well that’s exactly what Japanese Pop Surrealist Keiichi Tanaami conjured up in this animated film, ‘Adventures In Beauty Wonderland’.  Commissioned by Sephora’s Creative Director Lina Kutsovskaya, formerly of Teen Vogue + Barneys, Keiichi puts his psychedelic twist […]

A Dictionary of Portmanteaux on Don’t you love animation that not only entertains but educates too?  Well, that’s exactly what Christian Borstlap set out to do with this little number above entitled ‘A Dictionary Of Portmanteaux’.  By definition, a portmanteau is basically a word that’s comprised of the union of two words like the […]