OMG – so loving Solange Knowles‘ new music video for ‘Lovers In The Parking Lot’ – So chill, so sweet, so smooth!  Directed by Solange herself along with Peter J. Brant + Emily Kai Bock (of Grimes ‘Oblivion‘ + Grizzly Bears ‘Yet Again‘ fame), the video features Solange dancing in an empty Kings Flea Market in Houston.  Solange’s moves might be a little ‘off’ but they so work with the whole vibe of the song + location.  Love her sparkly looks + big beautiful hair (if only I could be so lucky to have hair like that, but not all the hairspray in the world could make my hair behave like that – trust me, I’ve tried + within a few hours, my curls look like they were shot dead).  


(via pitchfork)

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