For ‘Throwback Thursday’, here’s a video for RATKING‘s ‘A Piece Of Shit’, shot by Dutch photographer + filmmaker Ari Marcopoulos, in 16mm.  Although not an oldie, the raw realness of the reggae inflected hook, the MC’s phrasing ending in breathy ‘hah hah hah’, deep into the mike + the infectious beats, for me, it proves to be a throwback to old hip-hop.

A live one-take performance, shot in Marcopolus’s hot signature b&w documentary style, makes the audio + visual experience that much more seamless.  ’Location, location, location’, is definitely key here, as the video was shot at RATKING’s BK practice spot, with surrounding walls accessorized by tons of graffiti tags.

Gotta love!

(via PURPLE)

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