For Throwback Thursday, here’s Serge Gainsbourg singing ‘Bonnie & Clyde’, with one of his many loves, Brigitte Bardot.  Serge, an obvious lothario, had his share of famous beauties, including Jane Birkin (yes, the same Jane Birkin of the ‘Birkin’ Hermés bag), yett Bardot came first.  But Birkin was no dummy + had every right to be jealous of Bardot – I mean really, those curves, perfectly gapped teeth + seductive eyes…there was only one Brigitte Bardot.  When starring in the 1973 film, ‘Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une Femme’, along with Bardot + Gainsbourg, Jane had this to say about the blonde bombshell –  “I wanted to see every portion of her [Bardot’s] body to see if she was as beautiful as I thought she was, and she is. Checked from head to toe by me. There’s not one fault in the woman.”

It sucks when the truth slaps you in the face, many times over + you still need proof.


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