On such a dreary NYC day, how about some blasphemy, Christian blasphemy that is, to perk things up?  Here’s David Bowie’s music video for the ‘The Next Day’, the title track of his comeback album ‘The Next Day’ (I guess I never got the memo how an icon needs a comeback, when they’re always around, albeit through influence, history or sheer genius.).  Directed by Floria Sigismondi (whom also directed Bowie’s last video for ‘The Stars {Are Out Tonight}’ starring Tilda Swinton), starring Gary Oldman + Marion Cotillard, the video is based on a concept envisioned by Bowie himself + boy, what a concept. 

Dripping in bloody Christian iconography, it almost starts off as a joke with ‘A priest + nun go into a bar…’.  You see flogging, an old favorite type of self-inflicted punishment, great imagery, including a posesssed nun with very long lower lashes + lots + lots of blood.


(via Pitchfork)

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