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Fall deep in love with the short ‘Deep In Vogue’ featuring New York Ballroom Legend Dashaun Wesley, of the House of Evisu, turning it out!  Directed by photographer + filmmaker Michael Hemy, the essence of voguing is perfectly captured through a narrative conceived by NY journalist + entrepreneur Robert Cordero.  Through every floor slam, dip and layout, as Dashaun manages to captivate + engage you, you are transported to a smoke-filled room full of sweat, lots of love, pumping beats + plenty of shade.

‘You can almost feel the camera shaking and hear the crowd go wild when you see him perform a drop,’ says Hemy of Wesley’s Vogue Femme technique which evolved from generations’ previous methods.

In the Eighties, while Willie Ninja, the grandfather of Voguing, was tearing up the NY scene, this dance style was part of an underground movement among the city’s black + Latino gay communities. Yet, it’s not so much about style as much as it is about telling a story through movement – the moves might all be the same, like the flick of your hand or the twirl of your head, yet, everyone’s own personal space is unique + therefore, interpreted differently, every time.


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