Check out the Co Spring 2013 collection starring alongside Marisa Tomei + Elodie Bouchez as a lesbian couple in fashion film ‘She Said, She Said’.  Directed by Stuart Blumberg, watch as the couple, on the brink of divorce, tries to divide their possessions through mediation.  At times, you too want to say ‘Ha!’ (take that!), and yet, there’s still a tenderness to their ‘break-up’ as they reminisce over their possessions.  The final possession is a gorgeous black dress, which in the end, ‘saves’ their marriage, or does it?

The collection throughout the film is just perfect for such a narrative, including luxe looks in gunmetal silk, fur bottom tops + femme fatale black pumps – the same pumps that open the film with them exiting an elevator + end the film, as seen under the mediation table with the couple playing footsie.  Super sexy!


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