Here is the amazing central scene for ‘Nowhere’, dedicated to the late Pina Bausch, an extraordinary choreographer + artist, .  Created by Dimitris Papaioannou in 2009 to inaugurate the renovated Main Stage of the Greek National Theatre in Athens, the piece is in fact site specific where it can’t be performed nowhere else but here.

‘Nowhere’ is described as a project starring 26 performers that measure + mark out the space using their bodies, pitting themselves against its dimensions + technical capabilities.  They explore the nature of the theatrical stage itself, a spatial mechanism continually transformed + redefined by the human presence to denote any place, + yet designed to be a non-place.

I just can’t with how amazing this all looks as one continuos wave, so seamlessly.  How the piece ends, with the performers disappearing into the darkness is just brilliant.  Simply hypnotic!  


(via ASVOF)

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