Get Ready To Gag Over Missy Elliott’s New Music Video For Track ‘WTF (Where They From)’ Feat. Pharrell Williams

(My apologies for the video not being able to play here but you’ll be redirected by clicking on YouTube link above.) Missy Elliott never disappoints, but boy, she’s outdone herself with this one! Her new music video for track ‘WTF (Where They From)’ featuring Pharrell Williams, is pure fire! From her phrasing to the sick beats, you know […]

How Short Film ‘Edifice’ Translates A Couple’s Relationship Through Dance

When it comes to relationships, there are always stages that are synonymous with most of them: Stage 1 is considered the ‘honeymoon’, since all you do is stay in bed for the first 2 months, just enjoying each other sexually, over + over again; Stage 2 starts making its way home around the middle of month […]

Here’s OK Go’s latest music video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’, off their    newest album ‘Hungry Ghosts’.  Directed by Morihiro Harano, as usual, this quartet has once again created something visually engaging + fun, complete with aerial shots Busby Berkeley would’ve been proud of + on-point choreography.  I love how they start on robot scooters, […]

Here is the amazing central scene for ‘Nowhere’, dedicated to the late Pina Bausch, an extraordinary choreographer + artist, .  Created by Dimitris Papaioannou in 2009 to inaugurate the renovated Main Stage of the Greek National Theatre in Athens, the piece is in fact site specific where it can’t be performed nowhere else but here. ‘Nowhere’ is […]

Wake up with this great classical music video + trust me, you won’t fall back to sleep.  ’The Classical Comeback’, with music by Dvořák Symphony No. 9 Allegro Con Fuoco + presented by B-Classic, is described as a new music video format that gives classical music the same recognition as pop + rock music by combining the timeless […]

Wake up to Pharell Williams’ music video for ‘Marilyn Monroe’ from his album G I R L, where it’s all about celebrating women.  Besides his infamous Vivienne Westwood ‘Mountain’ hat making an appearance in several colors, the women, their looks + choreography is sick!  And how great is that cameo by Kelly Osbourne? Enjoy! (via pitchfork)

Maybe Artist Willi Dorner Has Devised A New Way To Stage Fashion Shows?

Well, At Least I’d Like To Think So Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner has taken a simple notion and turned it into something really great – using people to fill-in or ‘color’ urban spaces, literally.  Yet, Doner’s imagination spares no limits to what groups of people, clad in colorful sweatpants + hoodies, can create in a […]