How Short Film ‘Edifice’ Translates A Couple’s Relationship Through Dance

When it comes to relationships, there are always stages that are synonymous with most of them: Stage 1 is considered the ‘honeymoon’, since all you do is stay in bed for the first 2 months, just enjoying each other sexually, over + over again; Stage 2 starts making its way home around the middle of month 3, when reality starts to overpower thoughts of your last great orgasm(s) with work schedules, laundry, grocery shopping,etc., as a bitter reminder you finally have to get out of ‘bed’; + Stage 3, if it eventually sours, after how long it is, depending on your compatibility, arguing sets in, disagreements become the norm, leaving you with no other choice but to get out + that’s just a mild version of how things could play out. Now imagine interpreting the dynamics of this same relationship through a symbolic ballet? Well that’s exactly what short film ‘edifice’ does so beautifully.

The film soundtrack, ‘Then Suddenly, Everything Changed’ by Alaskan Tapes, perfectly conveys the emotions of this couple relationship choreography. As to how to get it just right, director Rogerio Silva asked dancers Carmine De Amicis + Harriet Waghorn to love each other, slot together, support each other, to edify, tear apart + break up, with no tear in sight.


(via fubiz)

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