Can’t stop listening to Mykki Blanco’s latest track ‘Wavvy’, serving as the perfect backdrop for it’s amazing video above directed by Italian filmmaker, Francesco Carrozzini.  (Mykki Blanco, for those who don’t know, is the drag alter-ego of multimedia artist, poet and musician Michael David Quattlebaum Jr. that’s been received with critical acclaim, accompanied by relentless accolades.)  With a track produced by Brenmar, we are taken for a ride in search of a drug called ‘Wavvy’ by  Quattlebaum Jr, who shares his screen time with Mykki Blanco.  Once spotted by a cop who chases Quattlebaum down NYC streets, he appropriately makes his way into Chinatown, leading us into a sinfully decadent party of enviable proportions reminiscent of Joel-Peter Witkin in color, live and in-person with a dash of a Berlin cabaret from the Twenties.   A ‘must’ listen, with phrasing that is so flawless and beats that are so infectious.  

I must admit though, I heart Mykki’s fingernails in the beginning of the video, when he’s negotiating with his drug dealer for the ‘Wavvy’ pills in the crumbled paper towel – there are remnants of electric teal nail polish, as if it’s been on her nails for months.   There’s no mistaking this Blancos got talent but the lengths to which he takes us, is unnervingly provocative and always fun.  

If you’re interested in the Mykkit’s writing, check out his book of poetry entitled, ‘From The Silence Of Duchamp To The Noise Of Boys’ published by OHWOW where you’ll also find ‘Mykki Blanco And The Mutant Angels’ 7” vinyl, featuring ‘Head Is A Stone’ and ‘Avenue D’.  But better even, check out ‘Mykki At Home‘ courtesy of FADER TV, when they caught up with the artist back in May.

(via PAPER)

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