Wake up to most people’s fantasy of being part of the badass clique in high school, especially with Charli XCX as the leader!  Well that’s exactly what happens in Charli’s music video for her new single ‘Break The Rules’, which is all about high school rebellion with a hint of movies ‘Jawbreaker’ + ‘Carrie’.  

The video starts with Charli + friends ditching school to go shopping at LA’s infamous Trashy Lingerie shop.  They then end up at their high school prom, with lots of shots of Charli singing + dancing on top of a school bus in between. Rose McGowan plays the role of the tense chaperone, who if you remember, played Courtney, the original cold-blooded queen in ‘Jawbreaker’.  In true ‘Courtney’ fashion, Rose dumps a bucket of Pepto colored paint on the crowd, which doesn’t phase them one bit as they continue to carry on.

‘Break the Rules’ taken from her forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Sucker’, will be released on October 5th.



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