Get Ready To Be Chairlifted!

Here’s Chairlift‘s music vid for their new single, ‘Amanaemonesia’ (try saying that real fast) from their new album ‘Something’ available now.  The Brooklyn-based self-described “surrealist pop” duo, made up of Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly, managed to create an experience alike no other.  Referencing a conceptual time and place made possible with a custom-made silvery mint green spandex bodysuit, designed by Polachek and stylist friend Kathryn Typaldos, one can be transported either to the future or past, within a red and black space.

With choreography composed by the songstress herself, her awkward yet unique moves simply just work with the catchy lyrics and her amazingly haunting vocals, not to mention also directing with Tom Hines. It doesn’t hurt either that Alejandro Cardenas of Proenza Schouler art directed the whole thing.  Single ‘Amanaemonesia‘ drops June 4.

(via AnOther)

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