‘Blade Runner’ Winter Wonderland By Gareth Pugh


At first glance of Gareth Pugh’s Fall collection, I couldn’t help but think about the future, particularly that of film ‘Blade Runner’.  Seriously, if they decide on a remake, Pugh would be a great contender for costume designer.

There were many silhouettes that although wearable now, could easily be seen being worn in the far, far future.   There was a contemporary poncho + yet, throw in an extra tall 10-gallon hat + tall baggy leather wrapped platform boots (above, look 1) + you’re easily beamed up into that other dimension.


There were lots of funnel looks including some that looked like clear latex (row 3, look 3) while others were made of layered squares of what looked like rectangular white plastic discs (row 3, look 2).  I particularly enjoyed a crudely cut fur jacket with a high collar (row 2, look 1).image

(photos: Giovanni Giannoni)

For his color palette, Pugh chose to pair cream with white, a combination that although seen before, always looks fresh.  There were also several silver looks, that were so shiny, they almost looked like mirrors.  Now, although Pugh might be considered way too avant-garde for many, there were many pieces in the collection that could easily stand alone + worn by practically anyone + not compromise the designer’s aesthetic integrity.

(via WWD)

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