Upcoming Yazbukey And Causse Collabo Is All About The Details

Yazbukey with her whimsical graphic pieces is already a love in my book but after seeing this collabo with Causse, makes her hat much better. To mark the presentation of its Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection, yesterday,  Causse, the finest name in leather gloves, unveiled their new capsule collection with designer Yazbukey, the funky designer of bright plexi jewelry + […]

‘Blade Runner’ Winter Wonderland By Gareth Pugh

At first glance of Gareth Pugh’s Fall collection, I couldn’t help but think about the future, particularly that of film ‘Blade Runner’.  Seriously, if they decide on a remake, Pugh would be a great contender for costume designer. There were many silhouettes that although wearable now, could easily be seen being worn in the far, […]

Yazbukey’s Decadent Ottoman Empire

For her Fall collection, Yazbukey, the whimsical jewelry designer + fashion darling, conjured up memories of her heritage as inspiration.  Descending from Ottoman royalty but with a diplomatic dad, she never lived in Turkey until this collection.  During her Fall presentation, she said, ‘This collection is sort of my fantasy rendition of Turkey—the Ottoman Empire + […]

Chanel – They’re Just Like Us, They Use Baskets!

The ‘They’re Just Like Us’ page in US Weekly, with shots of celebrities doing ‘normal’ things is the first thing I thought about when I saw Chanel’s Fall collection at the Chanel Shopping Center, a giant supermarket.  And look at Stella Tenant above, she ‘uses baskets’ too, but hers of course is Chanel!  Three words – dare […]