Chanel – They’re Just Like Us, They Use Baskets!


The ‘They’re Just Like Us’ page in US Weekly, with shots of celebrities doing ‘normal’ things is the first thing I thought about when I saw Chanel’s Fall collection at the Chanel Shopping Center, a giant supermarket.  And look at Stella Tenant above, she ‘uses baskets’ too, but hers of course is Chanel!  Three words – dare to dream!


Before, Karl Lagerfeld gave us ‘fashion is art’ but with his supermarket, it’s a ‘happening’.  To take high fashion, keep it there, then bring it ‘down’ to extraordinary basics, is not easy to make look this good.  ’Shoppers’ wore the typical ‘trip to the supermarket’ look which often consists of a pair of leggings or sweats with a sweatshirt or comfy sweater, topped off with an oversized coat, which is seen here in various iterations.image

There were those ‘shoppers’ that looked like they got lost + ended up here, dressed in an embellished puffy jacket with baggy tweed trousers (row 2, look 3) or a fitted colorful skirt with a black cowled top with long black leather gloves (row 4, look 2), to then find out, they were there for just a bib of lettuce.  Others looked like that fitness chick, there to buy almond milk + extra firm tofu (row 4, look 4).


But what about those Chanel baskets + the sneakers, yes, again the sneakers?  Sneakers in tweeds + skins, Lagerfeld created both low + boot versions.  And how great are the boot versions paired with tweed suits or skirts?  Genius!  But, like everything he does, the designer had a reason for the lack of heels.  Lagerfeld told WWD, ‘ The supermarket is a thing of today’s life. Even the woman who wears expensive clothing goes to the supermarket, but she shouldn’t go in stilettos.’  Then again, any woman wearing Chanel stilettos would grin + bear it, as there’s always pain in beauty.


(photos: Giovanni Giannoni)

(via WWD)

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