Haute Couture Footwear Gets A Lift From Hydraulics

Haute couture footwear is taken to a whole new level with sports technology in the form of hydraulics.  For this collection, footwear designer Silvia Fado inspiration lied in functional design, with a strong influence of architecture + engineering. Take these Ring Hydraulic Heels, for instance. There’s a hydraulic system inside the heel developed with the […]

Disco Goblin Avant-Garde Haute Couture

(photo: Joakim Palm Karlsson) When two 7ft disco goblins got together to create Duo RAW (aka RAWboys), they filled a huge void in Sweden’s club scene with high drama + avant-garde haute couture finesse, that I wish spilled into New York.  (Maybe I’m just not going to the right parties?!)  When Andreas Kiss Nilsson + Ronny Willberg […]


When you see designer Mona Velciov’s MONOTIP tees from her ‘KOH-I-NOOR BROOCHES’ collection, you must admit feeling a small smirk making it’s way to the corner of your mouth.  Usually, tees are considered a common denominator when it comes to fashion, ascribing to every class level.  Of course, through the years, plenty of designers have […]

For #FlashbackFriday + in honor of Halloween, let’s jump in, head first, into the delicious decadence of music video ‘Evening In Space’, that only director David LaChapelle can master.  Of course, when it’s starring the inimitable Daphne Guiness, singing her first single off her debut album, produced by Tony Visconti, the experience becomes that much […]

Alexis Mabille’s Spring Couture Collection Brings Greco-Roman Goddesses To Life

Alexis Mabille sought literal inspiration from Greco-Roman goddesses for his Spring Couture collection. A lot of the looks included draped dresses worthy of any Greek mythology flick, with a few exceptions.  One would be the above white jersey dress, with a portrait neckline, while the bodice was literally illustrated, with tiny amber-colored vertical crystals scattered across. Another […]