Haute Couture Footwear Gets A Lift From Hydraulics

Haute couture footwear is taken to a whole new level with sports technology in the form of hydraulics.  For this collection, footwear designer Silvia Fado inspiration lied in functional design, with a strong influence of architecture + engineering. Take these Ring Hydraulic Heels, for instance. There’s a hydraulic system inside the heel developed with the industrial partner that is customizable according to one’s body weight, in order to control impact absorption.


 With these Spring + Hinge Hydraulic Heels below, the artist used 3D scanning + 3D printing to add to the crafted work with a modern + technological aesthetic. Combining traditional making + rapid prototyping, this prototype shoe lovingly reminds me of a shoe on a wooden display stand. I also can’t deny how this shoe looks like its attached to the top of a shoe horn.


Lastly, the Spring Hydraulic Heels below, have a special hydraulic spring system to handle each step with industrial elegance.


For more on Silvia Fado’s designs, visit NOT JUST A LABEL.

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