‘Bouncing Balls’ DO Look Better In Slow Motion


Seriously, I’m not joking! 

For ‘The Return of Bruce Nauman’s Bouncing Balls’, artist Francesco Vezzoli chose to cast the testicles of porn star Brad Rock to sway ever so, to a Mozart soundtrack, with mountains as the backdrop.  Considered to be a reprisal of “Bouncing Balls,” Nauman’s 1969 close-up video of his own bouncing testicles, the more you look at it, the more you get desensitized to its sexuality, resulting in an overwhelming feeling of calm as when looking at a desktop set of ‘Kinetic Balls’ or ‘Newton’s Balls’ – you know, the ones where you pull one ball + it causes that reaction for the ball at the other end to move while the rest hang stationary in between.

Now wouldn’t it be interesting to have Brad Rock’s ‘Bouncing Balls’ as a desktop accessory?


(via MOCAtv)

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