Check Out The New Pamela Anderson & Her Sexy Short Haircut


To think Pamela Anderson could look any better is unthinkable right?  But, as seen here, with her new pixie haircut, just goes to prove how beautiful Pam really is.  Shot + interviewed by Sante d’Orazio, for Purple magazine’s SS/2014 Issue 21, he makes Pam look more like a marble statue than a real woman.


In his interview, D’Orazio asked Anderson how could she cut her long hair with it being such a longtime identity + she replied, ‘I love the movie Breathless by Jean Luc-Godard with Jean Seberg. It seemed like a good idea.  Fresh, European. I’ve never been into hair extensions. I have so much hair.  But it seems American women like to hold on to that long hair. It’s just not flattering forever. I also am not as attached to my ‘image.’ I actually really know who I am beyond the hair.’ image

For more on Pamela, you can read the rest of her nterview with Sante D’Orazio here but it would be better to just buy an issue for the gorgeous pictures above.

(via PURPLE)


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